My interest in photography began when my parents gave me my first camera a Kodak Ektra 12 (110)Kodak Ektra 12 (110) camera
My first camera
to celebrate my confirmation. Later whilst at University a fellow student got me into black and white and I started to develop my own films and prints. More recently my wife and I bought a good 35mm SLR (35mm SLRMinolta 505si super camera
Minolta 505si super
) with a long lens on which we could capture some
South African wildlifeKruger Park lion
Kruger Lion relaxing on the tar road
such as this Lion relaxing on the tar road.

In 2005 I upgraded to a digital SLR (digital SLRKonica Minolta 5D camera
Konica Minolta 5D
) and following the birth of my two sons I’ve quickly adopted various pocket compact digital cameras.  In the future I hope to return to photography once my children have grown up and I’ve more free time.

Until then you can browse through some of my current photographs by clicking on the links to the left.